8 Korean Trend Designer Manufacturers of 2014

If you are a lover of Korean style you most definitely require to know about the subsequent Korean style designer brands.

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This is a brand name of Chiel industries which is a subsidiary of Samsung Group. The brand name supplies a quantity of items that come in various tastes of active denim, trendy model, extras, basic model, footwear, and handbags.

Management clother

This is a designer company that aids in launching brands for the two domestic and overseas distribution. Due to the fact it is really tough for new designers to start new brands and contend against the existing labels, command clother aids the new designers by education and supplying them an option to start their items abroad.


It means “who are you,” a time period made use of to motivate specific expression. WhoAU provides about the relaxed and bright California designs of “west coastline.” the most awesome factor about WhoAU’s collections is that they have the same basic styles which build excellent seashore accents.


This makes jewelry that you can mix and match with your dresses, mindset and nail art. The brand name has lots of brands this kind of as triangle bracelets, necklaces, cracker rings and earrings.

Judy and Joshua

This is a business enterprise that focuses on aesthetics to reinterpret a minimalist seem. The brand name is ordinarily really delicate to developments therefore, all the items produced by the business enterprise are normally the most most up-to-date and get the extravagant of lots of persons. As a result of this the items produced by the brand name are conveniently purchased.


“Re” is meant to change the basis of design and style whilst “code” means to build a culture of valuing the environment and sharing past style. This means that the intention of the brand name is to build a consumer cycle that is caring for the environment.

The brand name also aids in cutting down waste and at the same time boosts the high-quality of the items staying created.


This brand name represents innovation in convenience and model. Clothes created less than this brand name can be worn at household or when a single is heading on a transient outing.


Thavma makes excellent luggage using the best cowhide leather-based from Italy. The brand’s idea is divided into 3 types:

• Several basic: it is really aimed at creating items that are trendy. In this article very simple styles and assorted components are made use of.

• Trendy utility chic: this a single aims at generating items that are the two sensible and trendy

• Neo classic: this is made as the brand’s basis


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